Jimmy Ryan Blog

A man with trucks, buses, bikes, trailers, a garage/workshop of tools and the open road…

This collection of blogs, plans, concepts and ideas is based along the theme of roads, engines travel and tarmac, and anything you can drive or operate. Documenting my hobbies on the world wide web with hope that someone else is out there who enjoys some of the stuff I do, and of course enjoys my content.

I enjoy a good road trip, there’s nothing better than having a full tank of fuel and an itinerary, enjoying the journey to get there as much as the destinations themself. I’ve converted an ex-military truck into a camper and enjoy road trips in Britain and beyond, taking the time to enjoy scenery, new places and old roads. My military truck was self-converted, taking twice the time in research and learning new skills as it was to build. But now it’s (practically) complete I recognise every screw and can explain every mistake.

My truck has its own trailer, which I’m converting into an extension of the camper. It more than doubles the living space of the truck when combined and will include more home luxuries which we can tow for longer staycations away. Truth be known, you don’t want to tow the trailer too far with the current cost of diesel though!

Thinking outside the box is something I find natural and I do enjoy fabricating my imaginations into steel and wood. When I follow my favourite mottos of Make Do and Mend and create to the standard of Functional Not Flashy, my projects do have a Scrapyard Challenge feal about them. But I’m not a materialistic sort of person and I try to get a more intrinsic satisfaction to the things I own. Hillbilly Hot-tub project coming soon!

If this all sounds like something you’d at least be moderately interested in, consider a read of my blogs or have a look on my social media platforms. Cheers.