Jimmy Ryan

About This Website

This website is way to link all my content together and an avenue for me to get creative again with my writing. In another life I used to ghost write for online publications and always enjoyed putting together a nice article. As a strong believer that we should do all the things that make us happy and avoid the things that don’t, I’ll document all the details of my adventures in text form and link to other platforms better designed for videos or images. This website isn’t designed to be striking to the eye, or have amazing design. It’s a simple platform for words, links and the occasional picture to help.

My guide is the phrase "functional not flashy"

This website doesn’t use any platform like Wixx or Squarespace. It’s not running a management script like Wordpress or utilising a heavy database. It’s just web pages I’ve written on Notepad and hosted cheaply. That’s what I’m into, learning the skills needed to complete the task. That’s not to say the above platforms aren’t good, they’re great at what they do. But if I can do it myself, cheaper and learn a new skill as I do, all the better! I’m more into simple functionality than flashy.